Customised & Promotional Marker Pens

Marker pens are generally fine-tip pens that offer the ability to permanently decorate a wide variety of items and surfaces.  These surfaces include metal, wood, glass, plastic, and more.   Some of our markers are waterproof and touch-dry very quickly.  Promotional marker pens can be custom branded with your very own logos and designs.

Our range of custom-printed marker pens offers you superior-quality felt-tip pens designed for whiteboards at affordable prices.  These pens have their own ink source and can be custom printed with your logo or design.  Our non-permanent markers are designed for use in conjunction with teachers and lectures.  Great for schools and universities, our whiteboard pens can also be branded with your logo details.  When the pen ink is applied to a whiteboard it is easily removed by using the approbate tool.  Our erasable inks do not contain any toxic compounds or chemicals, they are alcohol-based making them easy on the environment.  We have worked with educational departments within Australia supplying these top-quality pens on a regular basis.   For a reference please call.

Brand your printed marker pens today with Boost Pens.  For sample requests please call or drop us an email today.

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