PMS Colour Chart


What is a PMS Colour?

A PMS colour is a modern standardised colour matching system designed by Pantone (stands for Pantone Matching System) There are currently over 1800 solid spot colours available to choose from, our chart below represents a small snapshot of the options available. You may have heard of another older process called CMYK which uses cyan, magenta, yellow and black for colour mixing. We do not use this process any more as PMS colours are far more accurate. Pantone colours can also be coated (C) or uncoated (U) These types of colours can be produced by our print team. All PMS colours a referenced by numbers. These numbers are used to print your logo or text colours.

Why Do I Need PMS Colours?

As part of printing any logo or text onto a promotional item, our printing department requires a PMS colour reference. If you are printing a simple “black” or “white” logo no reference is needed. If you are unsure about your PMS colour/s in your designs our team can guide you or suggest a colour match for you. Once you have your colour reference/s we can lock in the match for you with our print department – EASY!


Our PMS colour reference chart is available for download below: