Custom Promotional Stress Balls

Boost can provide your business, company or organisation with soft malleable custom printed stress balls and shapes.  Remind your clients to relax take a load off their mind with a dazzling array of funky toys and customisable shapes of your choice.  A custom printed stress shapes are soft pliable foam toys, usually no more than about 5-10 cm in diameter, squeezed in the hand or manipulated by a person’s fingers to help relieve stress and muscle tension.

Boost offers you a fantastic range of promotional stress balls which can be branded or printed with your company name or logo, the Boost stress balls range are the perfect employee gift in our eyes.  Please note that our stress shapes are made from high-quality closed-cell polyurethane foam rubber and are slow release which is by far the best available option on the Australian market. Often used in physical therapy and muscle improvement, by squeezing the shapes with a person’s hand, this improves muscle strength and relaxes persons entire arm.

Despite the name not all stress shapes are the same.  Printed stress shapes are not all round and boring, they now come in wide range of amusing shapes, styles and patterns.  All of our stress balls can be branded or printed with your logo for immediate effects on the workplace.  Why wait?  Order now and save your employees from injuries such as RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome.  These items are well suited for the medical or health care industry.

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