Rulers are essential tools for measuring distances, crafted from materials such as plastic, metal, or wood. These instruments are meticulously marked with units like centimeters and millimeters to ensure precise measurements. For an added touch of personalisation, these rulers can be branded with logos or the names of businesses and educational institutions, making them excellent promotional items.

Consider the benefits of custom-printed rulers for educational settings or corporate events. At Boost, we offer an expansive selection of customisable rulers, including options such as 30cm rulers, tape measures, key ring letter openers, and comprehensive geometry sets. These products are ideal for primary and secondary schools, universities, and professional environments, available with both metric and imperial measurements to cater to diverse needs. Enhance these rulers with your organisation’s name or logo, available in a variety of colors to match your branding. If choosing a single color proves challenging, mix and match to achieve the optimal outcome. Proudly printed within Australia, our rulers support local employment and contribute to community growth. For detailed information, samples, or to discuss pricing options, please contact our supportive team at Boost.

We are also excited to introduce our latest assortment of measuring tapes, featuring innovative designs like the mini (15cm), multi-functional (including a letter opener and bookmark), flip, and caliper versions, along with magnifying, scale, and standard metal tapes. This diverse range is perfectly suited for educational institutions, government bodies, tradespeople, retail settings, and students, ensuring there is a measuring tool for every requirement.

Explore our full range online at Boost, where you can expect quick quotations, exceptional customer service, and reliable delivery across Australia. Whether for educational purposes, professional projects, or promotional strategies, our high-quality rulers and measuring tapes are designed to meet your precise needs and enhance your organisational image.

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