Custom Promotional Lanyards

Customisable promotional lanyards are an essential item which is essential on various occasions for businesses, companies, events or even corporate meetings.  Here at Boost we offer printed lanyards which can be supplied in an enormous range of colours.  If you can’t find a colour that you like, we will simply customise a PMS colour to suit, meaning any colour is possible for these trendy items.  Promotional Lanyards have risen in popularity in the last couple of decades.  Many employees are now required to use I.D lanyards with their name and companies logo attached.  Lanyards offer a stylish, affordable, and easy solution to the identification badge problem.  Business employees can wear branded lanyards to identify themselves and to have particular access to different areas.   People that use custom lanyards identify employees, doctors and nurses, sports teams, events, school students, reporters, photographers, construction workers etc.

Lastly, many people use logo lanyards on a daily basis for personal reasons. Some individuals use a lanyard to attach to their car keys, to make it easier for them to keep track of. Others attach lanyards to their small electronics, such as their digital cameras or MP3 players. This allows them to use their electronics while out and about but helps prevent them from being dropped and broken, or even stolen by someone that passes them by, as they are attached to the individual’s body and not so easily removed.

Our full-colour lanyards range includes 10mm, 15mm, 20mm and 25mm options.   We can print complex designs or fine line texts with this option.  If you have a simple logo or text, try our economy printed lanyards.  Need something that will be used on a daily basis, with high wearing properties, look at our woven lanyards, which offer exceptional durability.  Browse our extensive range of accessories such as promotional cardholders for lanyards and also retractable cardholders for something unique.  Choose from our standard range of lanyard attachments which include, alligator clips, bull-dog clips, loops, breakaways, j hooks, keyrings, phone holders, swivels, carabiners and much more.

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