Promotional Earphones & Headphones

Headphones are small pieces of equipment that cover your ears.  On the inside of these devices are small speakers.  Often used in conjunction with music a person can listen to a wide variety of sounds which can be connected to a smartphone or computer by 3.5mm head jack or Bluetooth.  Promotional headphones can be custom branded with any type of business logo or design.

With modern-day music, podcasting, videos and audio listing so popular on mobile devices now, Boost has created it’s very own range of custom printed headphones and earplugs.  Instead of purchasing just a plain earphone why not brand these beauties with your very own logo or design for your customers to rave about the day and night.  All of our products come decorated with your logo or design of choice.  We can imprint anything from simple one colour prints all the way up to full-colour digital designs.  We offer a full range of over-the-ear earphones, slimline over the ear and mini earbuds.  With a vast range of colour assortments, cases and packaging trust Boost for all your headphones needs.

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