Flash Drives

Flash drives offer you storage on the move.  Looking for custom printed storage drives, USB or Memory Stick? Our flash memory storage devices come with many features such as USB 2.0 and now the all-new super-fast USB 3.0 interface, 1-year data retention warranty, a 3-year parts warranty and storage between 2GB and 128 GB gigabytes. USB storage drives are typically removable, rewritable devices that are used for many businesses and companies in today’s electronic age. Storage capacities depend on the requirements of your occupation or personal preferences such as photographs, images or music. Budget drives offer several advantages over solid-state hard drives and floppy drives, including their ability to be able to transfer large amounts of information to and from one location to the other.

Promotional memory sticks can simply be put into your pocket or your bag with your information stored on the inside of one very compact device. USB flash drives operate on any laptop or computer with a (+) 2.0 USB interface. In most circumstances, our USB’s don’t require any preloaded drivers to operate the device at all. All of our flash drives are also compatible with Windows, Mac or Linux based systems. The mass storage device or USB has become a very important tool for many business people.  The Boost Flash Drives range includes budget, classic, credit card, eco/wooden, epoxy dome, leather, metal, mini, smart phone, super speed, pens, wristbands, accessories and more.  All of our products can be printed using the latest pad printing or digital print technology, ensuring you receive a high-quality print finish every single time and that’s guaranteed!

One of the most interesting features about Boost flash drives is the fact that nothing actually moves internally in the flash drive, therefore there are no moving parts and very little is to wear out. A flash drive consists of a simple circuit board protected inside a metal or plastic casing. The casing is designed to absorb shock in case the flash drive is dropped onto a hard surface, reducing the risk of breakages. Many USB drives are provided to you with a removable cap to protect the device. If you have any questions regarding your promotional flash drive enquiry, please contact one of our customer service representatives today, for free advice and product information.

Decoration: choose from pad prints, engraving and full colour digital prints.

Data Upload: we offer data upload services, please contact us for more information.

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