Welcome to our boutique selection of custom branded and personalised confectionery such as personalised sweets, jelly beans and promotional tins of mints. Also try our selection of confectionery drums, between 1 and 6 litres, which can be supplied with most types of lollies and sweets.  We have many stock items including lollies and mint cards, that enable you to order small quantities and receive them very quickly often within five to ten working days.

Promotional confectionery is a tasty way of promoting your brand or message at corporate events, product launches, celebrations or simply as a delicious giveaway.  Simply select from a personalised confectionery category above to see the full range.

Boost is at the forefront of innovative confectionery development and is leading the field in the creation of superior quality confectionery with high visual and taste appeal, as well as exciting products with functional ingredients for health-conscious consumers.

Today’s consumers are seeking new pleasurable sensations with indulgent tastes inspired by fruit, cream, yoghurt, mints and chocolate. They are looking for intriguing and challenging new textures and flavour combinations, such as the fresh taste of mint combined with fruit or rediscovering simple pleasures of the authentic flavours of a real fruit taste. At the same time, there is a revolution in healthy confectionery. Functional products that can freshen breath or relieve coughs, together with those that can provide vitamins and boost energy levels or make us feel more relaxed.

If you can’t see an item you are looking for in our custom branded confectionery categories, please contact one of our experienced advisors, who will be happy to help source the product that’s right for your promotion.

Confectionery has become a dynamic market driven by new product and process development that can be supplied anywhere in Australia.

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