Boost Promo Products is a leading supplier of promotional products in Australia, and we have recently launched a brand new range of promotional products that are sure to make a lasting impression on clients and customers. These new products are designed to help businesses promote their brand and increase their exposure to potential customers in a unique and effective way.

One of the key features of this new range is its sustainability. Boost Promo Products has made a conscious effort to source products that are environmentally friendly and made from sustainable materials. This includes products such as reusable coffee cups, tote bags made from recycled materials, and eco-friendly water bottles. By choosing these products, businesses can promote their brand while also demonstrating their commitment to the environment.

Another exciting aspect of this new range is the variety of products on offer. Whether you’re looking for promotional products for a trade show, corporate gifts, or promotional merchandise for a sporting event, Boost Promo Products has something for everyone. The range includes products such as custom-branded USB drives, branded pens, custom lanyards, and more.

Boost Promo Products has also made it easy for businesses to order and customise their products. With a user-friendly online ordering system, businesses can easily select their products, upload their logo or design, and receive a quote within minutes. The company also offers a design service to help businesses create a custom design for their promotional products.
In summary, Boost Promo Products’ new range of promotional products is a game-changer for businesses looking to increase their brand exposure and make a lasting impression on their customers. With a focus on sustainability, a variety of products on offer, and a user-friendly ordering system, it’s never been easier for businesses to order high-quality, custom-branded promotional products.

Here at Boost we can provide some insights on some very new and popular promotional products in recent years.

1 Tech gadgets – With the increasing dependence on technology, tech gadgets like power banks, wireless earbuds, phone cases, and USB flash drives have become popular promotional products.

2 Sustainable products – Environmentally friendly products are on the rise, with companies opting for reusable bags, water bottles, and other products made from sustainable materials.

3 Wellness products – Health and wellness have become a top priority for many individuals, and companies are taking advantage of this trend by offering promotional products such as yoga mats, exercise bands, and stress balls.

4 Customised apparel – Promotional apparel like t-shirts, hats, and jackets, have always been popular, but now companies are taking customisation to a new level with unique designs, and customised labels or tags.

5 Drinkware – Promotional drinkware like coffee mugs, water bottles, and tumblers continue to be a popular choice for companies looking to promote their brand. Many companies are also offering unique features like temperature control, leak-proof designs, and custom colors.

In general, the Australian promotional product industry is constantly evolving, and new products are introduced regularly. Businesses should keep an eye on industry trends to stay up to date with the latest promotional products and determine which products would be the most effective in promoting their brand.

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