Try our regularly updated selection of New Promotional Products, Items and Merchandise from Boost!  We’re always on the lookout for new and innovative items for you to brand and print with your logo.  Our curated selection of carefully selected new items are updated on a monthly basis, simply bookmark this page for the most innovative merchandise in Australia.  Choose from bags, technology products and other items which are sometimes really outside the box.  At Boost, we give you the ability to place your logo on any type of item on the market.  Brand your logo or text designs with a variety of high-quality printing techniques today.

Our sourcing team are working constantly to provide you with the best customisable items.  Selecting the right products can be a tedious task for any company, but rest assured, we take the hassle out of this process leaving you the simple decision of purchasing high-quality gifts at heavily discounted prices.  Staying fresh with promotional items is top of our list and therefore we have invested a lot of time in providing you with numerous innovative product ideas and printing solutions.

Reputable and Ethical sourcing – all of the recently discovered promotional merchandise sold through our online store are eighthly sourced.  We can provide you with the right documentation you need to make an informed decision on these items.  We don’t use sweatshops or child labour and poor working conditions.  As one of the most ethical companies in our industry Boost continues to be a leader in the Australian Promotional industry.

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