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100% Free Artwork Design And Logo Creation By Boost

If you don’t have a logo or text message and you need someone to design a masterpiece for you, contact us today and we will assist in your very own trademark creation. We don’t just give you one person to work with on your project we give you an entire team of dedicated graphic design enthusiasts to work on your job. Don’t think you can make a logo yourself, by all means, come up with a concept but the best way forward is to engage with Boost to get the best design and ideas you are looking for absolutely FREE.

At Boost, we know great artwork is the key ingredient for superior looking Promotional Products. This artwork guide will give you an in-depth look as to what you need for creating long-lasting impressions with your custom printed merchandise.

Boost is centrally located in Australia, is a vibrant company offering a huge range of custom printed Promotional Products along with merchandising and procurement solutions. We are best known for providing idyllic, trendy, unique, ingenious premium artwork with the aid of brilliant in house graphic artists.  We offer high-quality artwork at affordable prices.

Aid to Spread Your Business

We believe in rendering top-notch artwork to you that better suit your business or company needs. It’s imperative to get your business logo, tagline, and message to imprint on your products. This is important only for the sole reason that you want your business name to reach every customer and let your business spread with no bounds to its extension. We will aid you in reaching your potential customers in a very effective way. Branding plays a vital role in ensuring your business success, and our promotional artwork will enable you to get a view of how fabulously we work. Customer satisfaction is the pinnacle for us, and we back this up with our very own 5-star guarantee. 

Our Artwork Guide Approach

We are determined to offer you with simply astounding design or logo artwork that is included in a variety of embellishments like pad printing, laser etching, screen printing, embossing and many more. For enabling us to procure dazzling artwork all we need is a reproducible artwork from you so that we can give the outcome that is much better than your expectations. We bestow you with the guarantee of proffering top-notch quality artwork.

We Offer Superior Quality Art

Plenty of times, it occurs that what a business actually sees and chooses it doesn’t get. It happens especially in computer graphics, where you will find the images viewed in a different way in computers and the same quality and clarity you won’t get when you print them on the products. We are known for offering best result creative artwork on all the outcome mediums and for doing so we receive the artwork in vector format and not in bitmap or raster file formats.

Bitmaps Not Suitable for Superior Artwork Printing

Quality is something we never compromise with and to proffer you with the high-quality artwork we don’t utilise bitmap or raster graphic formats; instead, we prefer to use the vector formats. The reason behind this approach is that the images are composed of pixels that are closely grouped to each other, and the raster or bitmap images are based on resolution. For this reason, the image will appear more clearly when the pixels are located close to each other but the clarity of the image would reduce when the distance amongst the pixels would increase. When you take images from a digital camera, they get viewed best on computers as the monitor screen displays the graphic in dots per inch form. When you attempt to enlarge these bitmap images the pixel distance will increase, and this would directly affect the image quality, one can clearly see the distortion. We don’t prefer to utilise the raster graphics owning to its less manipulation capability, some of the raster graphic formats are:

· TIFF or TIF file formats

· BMP or BMP file formats

· PPT file formats

· Adobe Photoshop or PSD file formats

· GIF file formats

· Microsoft Word file formats

You need to be even careful with the type of software you use for placing the bitmap or raster images. If you are placing a bitmap image in a vector program like Corel Draw, Macromedia Freehand, Adobe Illustrator then it won’t solve the issue of image distortion either, just changing the file extensions would do that.

Using Vector Images To Obtain The Best Quality Result

We tend to deliver our customers with high-quality artwork on all output mediums and to keep the quality of our idyllic artwork intact. We utilise vector images as these images are not made up of an array of individual pixels instead. These images are expressed in the form of mathematical equations corresponding to geometrical objects like lines, points, curves. When a vector image is utilised in generating a trendy artwork, you can scale the logo to billboard size without having any impact on the quality of the image. Precisely, these images are independent of resolution, and so one can even scale them down to any size with no compromise on clarity or quality. We prefer the vector images because of their capability to adjust the colour or create colour separation while printing the images. The image formats we accept are inclusive of:

· Adobe Illustrator or AI file formats

· Vectorised EPS file formats

· Vectorised FH file formats

· Vectorised PDF file formats

Vector Art – What is vector art and how is this created?

Vector art is a digital illustration format used for creating graphics that are scalable, clean and sharp. It is used in the production of many promotional products, such as custom t-shirts, signs, lanyards, and more.

Vector art is created using vector graphics software, such as Adobe Illustrator, and is made up of paths or lines, rather than pixels. This means that vector graphics can be resized or scaled without losing quality, as the paths are redrawn to fit the new size.

In promotional products, vector art is used to create graphics that are clean, precise, and can be easily reproduced in different sizes and on different products. It is ideal for logos, branding elements, and other designs that require sharp, crisp lines and precise details.

The use of vector art in promotional products also allows for easy color matching, as the color can be easily changed in the vector file, ensuring consistent and accurate color representation across all products.

In conclusion, vector art is a crucial component in the production of high-quality promotional products, as it provides a scalable, clean and precise format for creating graphics. The use of vector art in promotional products helps ensure that the graphics are accurate, consistent, and of the highest quality.

Here is an example below of a vector file, v’s a raster file:

Conclusion: as you can see, we need high quality artwork in vector format to print great prints for your items.  Low quality “raster” artwork is not suitable and produces a poor result. 

What If I Don’t Not Have Artwork in Vector Format?

We are here to provide you with the best free artwork services (that’s all artwork conversions with Boost are FREE!). Even if you do not have the artwork in vector format then there are no problems as we will offer you with re-draw, re-create and a conversion procedure (please inquire for pricing – pricing varies depending on artwork complexity and is calculated in time). Our graphics team can efficiently and quickly reproduce a high-quality vector image of artwork even though it might not be supplied in the correct format.

Obtain Superior Artwork

Simply just call or email to get artwork done in a brilliant way. We offer you the rush artwork orders completed within 6-12 hours. With our base in Queensland, we serve business communities throughout Australia. Our prime focus is on exceptional quality. Our approach guarantees promptness in interaction, delivery of the order and customer support when you need it. We are here to serve you in simply the best way and provide you with grandiose and mystifying artwork best suitable for ensuring your business spread and quick contact with an array of your valuable customers.

Logo & Text Resources

Google Fonts – An incredible resource for anyone wanting a complete overview of “fonts” used in conjunction with logo design. The search feature is very handy to find just about any type of font.

Logo Creation & Design by Boost

Don’t have a logo or design for your promotional products – the team at Boost can assist!  Logo design is the process of creating a visual representation of a brand or company, usually in the form of a symbol or emblem. A logo is typically used as a shorthand way to identify a brand or company and is often the first point of contact that a customer has with a business. A logo should be simple, memorable, and easily recognizable. It should also be versatile and work well in a variety of contexts, such as on a website, business card, or billboard. The design of a logo should also be appropriate for the target audience and industry. Good logo design is crucial for a business, as it is often the first visual representation of the company that a customer sees and will be used in all the company’s branding, marketing and promotional materials.