Custom Promotional School Headwear

Boost is proud to offer you a boutique range of high-quality school headwear all of which can be customised with your own school’s logo and emblem designs.  Most of our promotional education hats are SPF certified, meaning they provide outstanding sun protection year in and year out.  Personalising your own school’s headwear has never been easier with Boost.   Simply select your hat, choose your preferred method of decoration, send us your logo, choose the positioning, and then we print and deliver to your location, anywhere in Australia.

Custom-printed school headwear is a basic necessity in Australian culture.  If you take a look at many daycare centers, most of them have implemented a “no hat no play” model.  We respect this policy and consider sun-safe practices in schools very important.  In effect why not brand your own kids’ hats at the very same time with Boost.  With over 3500 childcare centers across this equates to a lot of primary and secondary school hats.

Select from a stunning range of school uniform hats from Boost.  We have a hat style to suit most schools including the following:

School Bucket Hats:  extremely popular with smaller children in daycare centers and primary schools, the wider brim and vast range of colours make these hats very popular.

School Sun Hats:  these are typically wider brim hats, come in a good assortment of colours, and are used in primary and secondary schools very regularly.  Added features can include, high SPF-rated fabrics and fade-resistant materials.  The larger front panel on these items also allows for a bigger printable area which can really showcase any crest or school logo.

School Legionnaires Hats:  Legionnaires hats incorporate side and back flaps to add a whole new layer of sun protection.  Think sun smart and take your school to the very next level.

School Sports Caps:  With kids having been more outdoors than ever, it’s important during rigorous activity that we protect them from the sun.  Our sports hats are classically styled, practical, and fashionable for kids of all ages.

Private Schools Hats:  With premium materials and options available, contact Boost today for more information.

What type of branding can we place on our School Hats?

Great question.  We have an extensive range of branding options for all of your custom hat needs.  Options include:

Embroidery, Supercolour Print/transfer, Supercolour Metallic, Supersub, Supertech, Superflex.  For more information on these branding, methods contact us today.

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