Custom printed pencils are essential writing tools featuring a single-colored graphite core. These pencils have evolved significantly, varying in “hardness” to suit different writing and drawing needs and are graded accordingly. Today’s market showcases an array of pencils crafted from diverse materials such as wood, plastic, and metal, catering to a variety of preferences and requirements. The construction of these pencils varies, offering a broad selection that includes countless options to choose from. Promotional pencils, customisable with logos and text designs, provide a tangible way to enhance brand visibility and engagement.

This year, Boost has expanded its offerings to include a new range of custom printed pencils. These pencils are available in various colors and sizes, featuring solid cores made from high-quality wood and graphite for durability and consistent performance. Designed for both writing and drawing, our pencils can be personalised with your logo or textual details. Some models in our range also include an eraser tip, convenient for making corrections, which makes them particularly useful for educational settings such as schools and universities across Australia.

Safety and environmental consideration are paramount in the design of our pencils. Unlike older versions that used harmful lead, our modern pencils are crafted using a non-toxic blend of graphite and clay. This mixture forms the core writing material within the pencil. Clients can choose from a variety of exterior colors and shapes to tailor these pencils to their specific marketing needs. We invite you to explore our options and contact us for samples and custom pricing to find the perfect pencil for your needs.

Our diverse assortment caters to a wide range of users, including golfers, carpenters, artists, and educational institutions. Each pencil is designed with precision and care to ensure it meets the functional and promotional needs of our clients, enhancing every scribble and sketch with a touch of personalization. Whether you’re looking to outfit a classroom, supply a professional workshop, or provide golfers with reliable scoring tools, our pencils are crafted to perform across various contexts.

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