Custom & Personalised Pencils

Pencils are writing instruments with a single-coloured graphite core.  In modern times, these items can vary in “hardnesses” and are graded accordingly.  Today’s market offers lead writing instruments made from wood, plastic, and metal.  The housing construction of this item can vary and the types of pencils on offer these days are endless.  Custom-printed promotional pencils can be printed with logos and text designs.

The custom printed pencils range from Boost is new to our pens range this year.  Available in various colours and sizes our solid core is made from top-quality wood and graphite.  Used for writing and drawing our pencils offer you the ability to be printed with your logo or other text details.  Some of our hexagonal pencils also incorporate a rubber on the end of the item which can be very useful for erasing part of your writing.  These items are well suited to schools and universities throughout Australia.

All of our items in this category are non-toxic meaning they are not made from the old-fashioned “lead” they are made from a mix of graphite and clay powders.  These two substances are normally mixed together to form the writing material found on the inside of our pencils.  The exterior colour and shapes vary according to what you are looking for as a client.  Simply pick and choose both of these options for the perfect printed item.  Please call today for samples and custom pricing.

We offer a great range of items for golfers, carpenters, arts, schools, universities, and more.

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