Custom & Promotional Wooden Pens

Wooden pens are writing instruments made from trees.  This fibrous material offers sustainable products that are gentle on nature and the environment.  Our range includes bamboo, oak, rimu, pine, cork, and more.  Promotional wooden pens can be custom printed with logos, names, and other designs.

Wooden pens speak for themselves.  Custom-printed wooden pens speak even louder about your brand and who you stand for.  Made from renewable and sustainable materials such as maple wood, rosewood, and bamboo this unique range from Boost offers you and your recipients the ability to offer an eco-corporate feel.  These types of pens are well suited to ecotypes of businesses such as organic shops, markets, and more.  Studies have also shown clients tend to hang on to pens like these longer and in turn, they represent better value for money.

Our wooden pens can be pad printed with your logo, or laser engraved with your design.  Other finishing touches used to make these pens stand out also include gold and silver tips, pen clips, and middle housings.  These features offer a more casual corporate look and one low but affordable price.  For more information on these pens please contact us today.

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