Promotional Eco Pens

Eco pens are writing instruments made from reusable materials such as paper, con starch, PET, and bamboo.  All of our eco pens are designed for smooth writing and years of continual usage.  Promotional enviro pens can be printed with your company name or logo with a variety of print techniques.

Our custom printed enviro pens are all about the environment and a gentle step forward for the sustainability of Australia.  With excessive amounts of landfill and the overuse of other types of unsustainable materials, our eco pens offer you a more suitable option.  Our pens are made from recycled paper products, recycled plastics, wood, and biodegradable cornstarch.  Bamboo is also another material we continue to source also.  Another introduced item this year is sustainable pens made from rice husk.  Natural materials give you the added benefit of a professional look for your company or business.

Our ever-increasing range from Boost Promotional Products makes us proud to deliver a responsible Australian product.  This range includes pens such as recycled paper pens and pencils, cornstarch pens, and more.  For more information, samples, or just a good old-fashioned chat, please contact one of our customer service operators today.

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