Eco Pens

Eco pens are writing instruments crafted from sustainable materials such as recycled paper, cornstarch, PET, and bamboo. Designed for smooth writing and long-lasting use, our eco pens embody both functionality and environmental responsibility. These types of pens can be customised with your company name or logo using a variety of printing techniques, ensuring that your brand is associated with eco-friendly practices.

Our custom printed enviro pens represent a commitment to environmental sustainability and a step forward for a greener Australia. In response to the growing concerns over excessive landfill waste and the overuse of unsustainable materials, our eco pens offer a viable and eco-conscious alternative. Made from recycled paper products, plastics, wood, and biodegradable cornstarch, these pens help reduce environmental impact. We also continue to source bamboo and have introduced sustainable pens made from rice husk. These natural materials not only benefit the environment but also provide a professional and sophisticated look for your business.

At Boost, we take pride in our expanding range of eco-friendly writing instruments. Our collection includes pens made from recycled paper, cornstarch, and other sustainable materials. Each pen in our range is carefully selected to ensure it meets our high standards for quality and environmental responsibility. We are committed to delivering products that not only serve practical purposes but also contribute positively to environmental sustainability.

For more information, samples, or to discuss how our eco pens can enhance your promotional efforts, please contact one of our customer service representatives today. We are here to assist you in making environmentally responsible choices that align with your brand’s values. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service and ensuring that your promotional products leave a lasting, positive impression on your clients and partners.

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