Tools & Accessories

Custom printed tools and accessories from Boost make excellent gifts for employees or clients throughout the year. If your business provides trade items to the Australian market, these decorated promotional tools—such as multi-tools, tape measures, carabiner’s, and torches—are highly beneficial for various clubs and organisations. They can be printed in multiple colors or laser engraved with your logo. These tools feature useful components like knives, saw blades, screwdrivers, pliers, cork openers, scissors, and bottle openers, making them versatile and practical.

Multi-tools, which are compact yet highly functional toolboxes, are particularly valued. Many of our high-quality multi-tools are crafted from top-grade stainless steel, ensuring they withstand outdoor conditions without degradation. These customizable items are designed for durability, offering many years of rugged use, making them ideal gifts that will be appreciated for a long time.

Our custom tape measures are another popular option, featuring unique measuring tools marked in inches, millimeters, and centimeters. We offer 2, 3, and 5-meter tapes that can be branded with your logos, names, or designs. Our 3 and 5-meter spring return tapes are especially popular as they fit conveniently into most pockets, making them essential tools for the trade industry. If you are part of the building sector in Australia, Boost provides high-quality measuring tapes tailored to your design preferences.

At Boost, we offer a wide range of print options for our tools and accessories. These printing techniques include pad printing, laser engraving, and full-color direct to item options. By choosing Boost, you ensure that your promotional items are not only functional and durable but also personalised to enhance your brand visibility effectively. Whether for internal team appreciation or as a marketing tool, our custom printed tools and accessories serve as practical and memorable gifts that leave a lasting impression.

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