Choose from an Australian range of personalised coasters, custom printed with your own designs and logo’s from Boost.  Our brandable coaster range includes various shapes, sizes and materials.  Choose from our effective low cost cork, plastic and PVC items for people on a budget or high end products such as slate, glass, woods, leather look and genuine leather.  Whatever your needs we certainly have the right coaster to convey your message to right crowd.

Typically used to protect your surface from spills and slips Aussie bar and beverage coasters can say a lot about your brand or professional image.  These items are normally placed onto the top of a range of surfaces and spread out to encourage patrons to use them.

Who uses Coasters?

Typically in Australia coasters are used by bars, beverage companies, businesses, corporate gifts/gifting, food-service and more.

What can I brand on Promotional Coasters?

Just about anything!

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