Custom Promotional Wooden USB

Wooden flash drives are made from sustainable eco plant-based materials.  They offer a fresh look for businesses or companies looking to strive for environmental sustainability.  The types of wood we use in manufacturing these items include cedar, pine, cork, redwood, bamboo, oak, and more.

Welcome to a boutique selection of custom-printed promotional wooden flash drives.  First of all, we would like to say our range offers something a little bit different.  With affordable pricing that won’t break your budget, this range is made from materials such as cedar,  recycled pine, cork, paper, and bamboo.  We think our range is so good it’s one of the best in Australia!  Purchasing this type of USB mass storage product gives the perception of someone doing their part for the environment or land care in Australia.  If you are the type of business or company looking for this look contact us today.  By using these types of wooden materials in your promotion they are also reusable and renewable.  Appearing natural in colour we do very little to the end product we supply to you as a customer.

With hundreds of satisfied clients in Australia, we are very proud to offer you this range of a growing trend in more sustainable promotional merchandise.  Decoration options for these flash drives include pad print and laser engraving.  Laser engraving is our preference, giving the manufacturing material a more natural look.  Capacities include 2GB-128GB and all items come with our exclusive 3-year warranty.  For samples and pricing, please contact Boost today.

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