Custom Promotional USB Pens

USB pens are writing tools used daily that incorporate a mass storage device on the inside of the item.  Normally the pen snaps in two and this reveals a USB attachment that can be connected to a computer.  Functional and well-proven modern-day technology flash drive pens are here to stay.

Here at Boost, we offer you a small boutique range of custom-printed USB pens.  Normally used as a writing instrument the humble pen can now incorporate a flash drive or storage device on the end or in the middle of the pen.  To use the device simply snap off the end or pull the pen apart to use or store your information.  Most of our USB pen options are provided to you in solid metal construction.  Incorporating a solid metal construction provides a strong safe environment for the storage device to be contained within.  These are not throw-away devices and are designed to last a lifetime.  Pen refills can be purchased if you run out of ink making this a great selling point for this type of printed pen.  On the outside, you have the ability to place a direct pad print or laser engrave onto the metal surface.  Available with our exclusive 3-year warranty.  Capacity from 2GB-128GB.  For more information please contact us today.

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