Custom Promotional Budget Flash Drives

Undoubtedly there are many budget flash drives on the market today.  Some are good, some bad, and some terrible.  At Boost, we only provide you with the best!  In hindsight why not brand or decorate your very own custom-printed affordable flash drives with your own logo instead of someone else’s.  Our budget drives are big on features and low on price.  Incorporating dozens of great styles our drives offer you the best technology in one budget flash drive price. Universal Serial Bus (USB) interfaces are available on all of our items making it easier to connect with multiple devices.  Pair your computer, phone, T.V, and more with our USB drives.  Smaller than disks our drives we offer you the ability to store between 2GB and 128GB of data.  This can include images, photos, music files, and data files including Excel, word, and more.  We also offer superior-quality chips in all of our budget flash drives.  We only use high-quality Samsung or Toshiba A-Grade chips NOT lower-quality B or C grade chipsets.

Compact by design they are great for all ages and workplaces.  Business people on the move use these types of items daily and with our fast-paced modern world of technology, devices like these are only becoming more popular.  Weighing in less than 30-40 grams they can be stowed in a variety of areas.  Our budget drives have no moving parts and are immune to magnetic interference.  Supported by Windows, and Linux operating systems our drives require no drivers.  Simply place the drive into your interface and away you go.  The best customisation we offer is decoration/pad print and laser engraving to our drives.  Customise yours today with Boost!  For visual mock-ups and samples please contact our team today.  We also offer an exclusive 3-year warranty with all our drives.

Special Note:  we can upload your data, image, or PowerPoint when you order your budget drives from Boost for a very small fee – enquire today for pricing.  Print options include pad print, laser engraving & full-colour decoration.

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