Custom Promotional USB Attachments

Flash drive attachments make your USB drives easier to use by offering chains, swivels and rings.  Customise or upgrade yours today.

Our simple yet affordable range of USB Flash Drive Attachments are designed to enhance the use of any mass storage device we offer.  From simple clips, keyring attachments to lanyards Boost offers you the best range available.  USB Attachments allow your devices to be carried and stored in an easier way.  Consider a lanyard to also assist you with finding your USB.  With a simple lanyard attached to your drive, never lose it again.  Please note that all of our products within this category are un-decorated.  Due to the small nature of these items, they are non-decorative.  We also utilise the best quality materials in all of USB accessories production.  From top-quality metals, nylons and plastics, our main emphasis is “quality”  Our growing USB customer base understand the importance of quality products, we hope new customers can too!  For samples or quotes please call or email the Boost team today.

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