Custom Promotional USB Wristbands

USB wristbands are mass storage devices that are worn on a person’s hand.  The convenience of this item makes it very appealing to the younger generation.  This product simply snaps into two revealing a USB connector on the inside.  The connector can be attached to a computer transferring information such as documents, images, and files.   Promotional wristbands can include customisable logos printed or debossed into silicone material.

Custom-printed USB wristbands are a gift for young and old!  These types of custom wristbands are now available with USB Wristbands attachments on the inside.  To use simply snap off the end and upload your favourite media files on the go for access to your information anywhere you desire.  You can also print logos or designs onto these items.  Debossing (stamping with a hot metal stamp) is normally the preferred way of decoration on these products.  This type of decoration is great for “themes” of “calls to action” types of USB Wristbands.  Custom-written insignias like this can be used to inspire or motivate your crowd or conference.  Our other type of decoration is pad printing where in turn your bright vivid logo can be reproduced onto the surface of the wristband.  With a huge assortment of bright colours, these items range in capacities of 2GB-128GB and come with an exclusive 3-year warranty.   Contact the team at Boost for more flash drive information.  Manufactured in our offshore we can print and dispatch these into Australia very quickly.  If you are looking for the fast delivery of this item, we can deliver these products in just 8-10 working days!

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