Custom Promotional Epoxy Dome Flash Drives

Epoxy dome flash drives offer a uniquely branded product.  A small version of your logo is placed directly onto the surface of the drive and then overlaid with a clear bubble of epoxy resin. This dome is then fixed on top of your logo with a permanent adhesive. The results are stunning.

Here at Boost, we like to offer promotional products with a point of difference.  Our custom-printed epoxy dome flash drives fit right into this category.  Epoxy is a resin-based product offering a strong and durable surface.  Epoxy resins like the ones that we use with our flash drives can last for several years if not tens of years with continual usage, meaning if you decorate a brand under this surface it will be there forever!  Also, this dome effect also gives your printed flash drive the look of a bigger-than-normal logo underneath.  The logo is slightly distorted in a way that appears much bigger than what is decorated underneath.  With several options available for this type of flash drive customisation, we recommend you chat with one of our Boost representatives today to talk options and pricing.  For high-quality samples just let us know.  Capacities from 2GB-128GB, all drives come with our exclusive 3-year warranty.

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