Travel & Luggage Bags

Customised Travel & Luggage Bags consist of cases, bags and containers.  Typically they hold traveller’s personal items and articles during one’s journey of some length.  Promotional travel bags offer companies and businesses to brand these trip bags with logos, names or text.

Boost offers a huge assortment of custom-printed travel luggage for you to select from.   As you prepare to purchase your new promotional luggage and travel-related accessories, it’s important to consider your travel habits and packing needs in order to select the most appropriate pieces.  Think about the following before committing to your printed luggage purchase:

Consider the type of trips you’ll be taking.  For trips that involve changing locations often, perhaps shop for smaller, shoulder carries garment bags or travel satchels. They will be easier to transfer in and out of rental cars, shuttles and aeroplanes, especially when you’re travelling alone. One larger, bulkier bag may work best if you generally remain in one place for a week or more and won’t need to move it frequently.  Decide whether you need hard-sided or soft-sided luggage. Travel bags and luggage with a hard exterior are better for transporting breakables, while soft-sided travel bags are more flexible and expand to accommodate additional clothing and other non-breakables.

Wheeled Trolley Promotional Travel & Luggage Bags have become one of our favourites with many corporate companies and may well be suited to many businesses that require a travelling piece of luggage with their company name or logo representing a moving advertisement for the business that they work for.  Useful for holding toiletries and garments these bags are perfect for on- the-go people.

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