Picnic Bags

Customised picnic bags are versatile, soft, flexible containers designed to hold food and tableware, perfect for enjoying meals in scenic outdoor settings across Australia. These bags are specifically crafted to carry and display your logo, making them ideal marketing gifts for all ages. They enhance outdoor dining experiences, allowing people to savor food and wine in Australia’s natural beauty year-round. Our promotional picnic bags, along with gift sets, blankets, and chairs, are perfect additions to barbecues or any outdoor event, combining functionality with brand promotion.

We offer a variety of picnic products, including classic folding blankets, printed picnic backpacks, and traditional picnic sets, catering to diverse business and individual needs. Our printed picnic sets typically come complete with everything needed for an ideal outdoor escape, such as plates, knives, forks, wine openers, and glasses. At Boost, we celebrate the traditional Aussie picnic, a cherished activity that brings family and friends together. Without picnic bags, transporting a delightful array of food to picturesque locations would be a challenge. Dining outdoors is a beloved tradition in Australia, and promoting your company with custom-printed picnic bags is a perfect way to connect with this cultural pastime.

Businesses and companies increasingly recognise the value of picnics for their staff and employees. Corporate retreats and special events often revolve around outdoor activities, and a logo-printed picnic bag paired with a high-quality blanket can make these events memorable. These promotional items not only serve a practical purpose but also leave a lasting impression on participants, reinforcing brand loyalty and recognition.

Boost offers an impressive selection of picnic bags, including various styles of baskets and coolers, all available for custom printing with your logo and company name. These products are designed to make your next promotional picnic event a success, blending utility with effective brand promotion. Contact our customer service center today to discuss your promotional picnic needs and find the perfect items to elevate your outdoor events.

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