Cooler Bags

Promotional Cooler Bags consist of any type of flexible or non-rigid container used for storing a variety of food and beverages.  A promotional cooler is designed with the basic purpose in mind of branding any logo, wording, or design.  These logos can be screen printed, full-colour transferred, or embroidered onto various parts of the surface of the bag. According to the latest Boost sales figures, custom-printed cooler bags would have to be Australia’s most popular promotional bag by a country mile.  When it comes to outdoor giveaways, in the harsh Australian climate, nine out of ten people in this country own one.  Logo-printed cooler bags are used by a wide variety of people throughout our country and are a common sight at any event or organisation for providing storage for foods, drinks, and other materials that need to keep cool.  Businesses recognise the importance of these cold storage bags in branding company’s logos or tag phrases.  Promotional cooler bags come in a wide range of colours, sizes, shapes, and capacities for various items to be placed into them. Can’t find something you need?  Simple, we will customise a cooler bag to your requirements. Right down to the zippers.  For those hotter climates such as Queensland, Western, and central Australia we can even adjust the thermal properties to keep your goodies nice and cold.  Our premium coolers offer silver foil insulation, which in turn keeps your food and drinks on the inside cooler or hotter for much longer. With our vast range of promotional cooler bags including two, four, and six-bottle or can coolers, lunchbox coolers, cooler backpacks, and all the way through to our spacious cooler trolleys for those bigger needs of businesses.

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