Custom & Promotional Jute Bags

Jute Bags are non-ridged containers made from shiny natural vegetable fibres, which are used for carrying, holding and storing just about anything!  Promotional jute bags can feature your logos and designs printed into the fabric of this modern-day eco-bag. Our carefully selected range of boutique custom printed Jute Bags can be seen with your logo or design.  Jute material is made from plant fibre and then this is spun into coarse yarn.  This yarn is then used to make our high-quality bags.  These bags are totally natural and renewable, meaning they break down naturally when placed in a landfill situation.  They can also be reused again and again displaying your logo every single time.  Bright bold logos can accompany your stunning-looking jute bags.  Our promotional jute bags are sourced from around the globe and include sustainable resources.  This jute fibre grows abundantly in this type of environment.  There is very little need for fertiliser or pesticides though out its production life span, making it a very clean type of fibre.  Jute bags require a careful printing technique.  We have perfected this technique and would like to extend this to our clients in Australia. Our branding and printing include single colour screenprints, multicolour screen prints, transfer prints, digital transfer prints and full-colour offset transfer prints.  For the best type of eco-bag decoration please contact our customer care centre at Boost or simply send your logo to our team and we can provide you with a detailed quotation.  As a guide simple logos with one or two colours only require screen printing.  More complex logos require digital transfers or full-colour offset transfers.  By incorporating a digital type of print we are able to capture complex artwork, detailed outlines and graduated colours.  This option is surprisingly affordable in today’s modern printing market so contact our friendly team at Boost for more information.

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