Reusable Bags

Promotional Reusable Bags are non-ridged carrying containers that are made from recycled materials.  We offer promotional reusable carry items which can be customised with your logo or designs. Do your part to preserve the environment by choosing recycled promotional products! Whether you are looking for an environmentally friendly gift or green corporate incentive, our recycled products selection features a rich array of creative and useful promotional products made from recycled materials. Boost has recently introduced a reusable selection of bags.  These are a new breed of reusable tote bags, satchels, slings, and backpacks made from recycled #1 PET plastic.  These promotional reusable bags are a perfect example of a forward-thinking product that covers all the bases in terms of functionality and style. Unlike many earth-friendly reusable tote bags and other reusable bags that aren’t so earth-friendly, this bag shines in all the right areas.  It is made from 98% post-consumer recycled content.  The bag is made of a lightweight, durable soft fabric made from recycled #1 PET (PETE) plastic.  By using this product you have saved approximately 5 X 330 PET plastic bottles from going to landfill. Recycled PET is a durable; eco-friendly fabric made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles & containers.  In Australia alone, over 7 billion plastic containers end up in landfills in 2006. Choosing products made from recycled PET promotes a more sustainable path for plastic. We have tried numerous reusable items over the last few years and we can say these are the best and most functional ones we have used.  These bags are set apart from other reusable bags because they incorporate an element of style often lacking in other bags.  The end result is a bag that consumers will use for years due to the durability and style of the product.  Printed with your company details these bags are simply timeless with an earthy feel and look.

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