Custom & Promotional Multi Tools

Multi-Tools are typically hand tool that combines multiple functions into one single item.  Some can be credit-card sized and others can be the size of a small pair of scissors.  Normally made from high-quality metals, these products are highly desirable items used by young and old.  Promotional trades tools can be custom printed with your logo and designs, offing you premium showcase items for your clients.

Welcome to our carefully selected range of customisable handy mand tools.  All of our printed tools offer a versatile device that combines several individual functions into one compact device. These products can also vary in shape and size. Typically the most common shape it is a multi-tool in the shape of a pocket knife. Some of the functions include bottle openers, screwdrivers, why strippers, and can openers just to name a few. Many of our promo tools also include one of the more common features which is a set of pliers on the front of the device. All of our printed handyman Multi-Tools can be printed or decorated with your company name or logo, signifying your message to your recipients. Contact us today for your next multi-tool campaign.

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