Custom & Promotional Tape Measures

Tape measures are flexible rulers used to measure distance.  The type of measurement in Australian measuring tapes is normally displayed in centimetres, millimetres, and/or feet.  Made from a wide range of materials including metal and plastic, our tapes are supplied in lengths of three, five, and eight metres.  Promotional tape measures allow companies and businesses to brand their logos on the surface of these well-known trade items.

A customisable flexible spring tape is simply a malleable ruler contained in one easy-to-use device. These types of gifts are perfect for any trades-orientated people. Many of our promo tape measures are made using a metal strap that contains measurement markings with metric units and sometimes imperial units. Their flexibility allows them to be used anywhere. These are typically our favourite among carpenters and builders or construction staff, however, now we have more and more DIY people using these promotional items. If you are thinking of rewarding your staff with quality trade tape, which can be branded with your company or maim or logo, talk to us today. Contact one of our staff at Boost today for all your promotional needs.

Here at Boost, we offer custom printed 1.5 meters, 2 meters, 3 meters, 5 meters, and 8-meter tape measures in a variety of styles and colors.  Brand your own promotional tape measure for your company or business today.

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