Promotional USB Car Chargers

USB car charges are small gadgets that normally plug into a car’s 12-volt cigarette lighter and provided charging power for USB-powered devices.  These items can be used with all types of smartphones, tablets, cameras, and other USB merchandise. Promotional chargers can be custom branded with your company name or business message.

Here at Boost, we provide a range of single and multiple-socket accessories.  While one USB port is a good idea, why not have two or more for charging multiple items simultaneously.  By having an option like this you can charge your phone on the go and operate a driving navigation system at the same time. Our dual USB car chargers offer more than 3 amps of charging power, giving you enough charge for all your power-hungry devices.  One should also consider the size of a charger needed.  We offer small, compact chargers, designed for travel and easy storage.

For all your custom-printed USB car chargers, contact one of the staff members at Boost.

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