Speakers serve as electrical devices designed to produce sound or play music, offering a diverse range of options in our selection at Boost. From wireless and portable to USB Bluetooth speakers, our lineup caters to various audio needs. These speaker types utilize radio waves for transmitting sound, eliminating the need for traditional cables. Nowadays, many of these devices leverage Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect and stream audio from compatible devices. With custom branded speakers, you can showcase your own logo by imprinting bright and bold logos or text using a variety of printing techniques.

Our plug-and-play USB and Bluetooth speakers are seamlessly integrated with your logo or design directly onto the speaker’s surface, ensuring visibility for your clients. Portable speakers deliver crisp and clear audio, with options for both AC power outlets and batteries. Some models feature rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, providing convenient charging on the go. Additionally, many of our speaker units come with presentation boxes, making them ideal for gifting to your clients. Choose from a range of materials, including bamboo, metal, and high-quality ridged plastics, each offering durability and style. Our print options are equally appealing, with choices such as pad printing, screen printing, full color, or engraving to suit your branding needs.

Elevate your marketing strategy by custom-printing your boomboxes with Boost, Australia’s leading supplier of imprinted technology products. With our extensive range of customisable music devices, you can effectively promote your brand while providing practical and stylish audio solutions for your clients. Contact us today to explore our range of branded speakers and discover how they can enhance your brand visibility and leave a lasting impression on your target audience.

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