Car Phone Holders

Car phone holders provide a secure solution for drivers who want to keep their mobile phones easily accessible while on the road. With features like satellite navigation and Bluetooth connectivity becoming essential for modern drivers, having a reliable phone holder is crucial. Boost offers a range of promotional phone holders that can be customised with your logos and designs using various printing techniques, ensuring your brand is prominently displayed.

Our phone holders come in different designs, including magnetic and extendable options, catering to different preferences and car interiors. Magnetic holders can be attached to flat surfaces like windshields and dashboards, while extendable holders are typically mounted on car air vents. Both options offer a secure grip for smartphones of any size and allow for easy adjustment between portrait and landscape orientations. Many of our holders are also rubber-coated, providing a sleek and premium feel.

When it comes to branding your phone holders, Boost offers a variety of imprinting techniques to suit your preferences. Choose from options like pad prints, direct digital and resin-coated finishes, with resin coats being particularly suitable for full-color logos, offering vibrant and lifelike logo reproduction. Whether you’re looking to enhance your corporate branding or promote a specific campaign, our customisable phone holders are an effective marketing tool.

For more information on our range of technology items, including phone holders, don’t hesitate to contact Boost today. Our team can provide expert guidance on product selection, customisation options, and pricing, ensuring you find the perfect solution to meet your promotional needs.

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