Custom & Promotional Stress Shapes

Stress Shapes are malleable foam toys that are made into various shapes and are for relieving muscle tension or strengthening the hand.  Within our shapes category, you will find numerous common items which have been made into these devices.  If you are a real estate company, try a carefully shaped house for your clients custom printed with your promotional logo or company design.  Promotional SB’s are great ideas for turning any type of promotion into a serious idea.

Need your clients to relax or take a load off their minds?  Why not try innovative custom-printed balls from Boost Promotional Products.  Our HUGE selection of branded exercise shapes is one of the biggest in Australia and includes some of the latest designs in Australia.  From funky shapes to more serious ones, our range will have one shape that will suit most.  On all of our exercise shapes, we also place your decoration or logo directly onto the surface so you can expand on your brand marketing or fun-filled idea.  Squeeze them and see the instant benefits today.   Used effectively these small items can have a significant effect on your recipient’s mind and body.  Carpal tunnel syndrome is just one of the medical problems that have been treated with great success using this small promo item.

We offer simple one-colour prints all the way up to multiple-colour logos.  Can’t find the ball that you are looking for?  No problem at all, we can customise a mold for you and your clients and one low price.  Contact Boost for more information today.

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