Stress Balls

Stress balls, typically no larger than 7 centimeters in diameter, are crafted from soft, squeezable materials like high-quality latex foam. These handheld objects are designed to alleviate stress and muscle tension, offering a simple yet effective solution for relaxation. Studies have shown their benefits extend to elderly individuals, making them versatile tools for stress relief. Promotional stress balls can be customised with company names, logos, or slogans using a variety of printing techniques, with pad and digital print being the most common options.

Customised stress balls provide clients with a practical means of stress relief by engaging the muscles in the hand. Available in an array of shapes and sizes, these practical items can offer versatility and functionality. Unlike many other products, stress balls are uniquely designed to fit into one’s hand, allowing for targeted muscle engagement and temporary stress relief. Their fun shapes and designs also offer mental soothing, providing users with a tactile outlet for tension. These qualities make them invaluable tools for physical therapists and rehabilitation consultants seeking to aid clients in strengthening hand muscles and managing stress.

At Boost, all stress items can be personalised with your name, logo, or message, ensuring your brand remains visible and memorable. By placing your logo directly into the hands of your recipients, you establish a personal connection and leave a lasting impression. Well-suited for a variety of settings, including shops, department stores, and zoos, these customizable stress toys offer promotional opportunities in diverse environments. Contact Boost today to explore how personalised stress toys can elevate your brand and engage your audience.

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