Custom & Promotional Ball Stress Shapes

Stress balls are small round objects, not normally larger than 7 centimetres in diameter.  Made from soft squeezable material such as high-quality latex foam, these items are used in one’s hand to relieve stress and muscle tension.  Tests have also shown that they can be beneficial for elderly types of people too.  Promotional stress balls can be custom branded with company names, logos or slogans using a wide variety of printing techniques.  Pad and digital print are the most common types of print.

Customised stress toys offer your clients the ability to relieve stress by exercising muscles in the hand. Promotional de-stress toys now come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The main difference between a stress toy and many other products is that stress toys can fit into a person’s hand and they can provide temporary relief from stress by exercising the muscles in the hand. Custom-printed shapes are designed to be fun and also mentally soothing for the brain, by giving people a product that they can take physical tension out on. Many physical therapists or rehabilitation consultants use a similar device to help people with leeks and strengthen the muscles in their hands.

All of our stress items can be printed or decorated with your name logo, signifying your personalised message for everyone to see. Place your logo into the front of your recipients and connect with these people on a personal level.  Well suited to shops, department stores, zoos, and more. Contact Boost Promotional Products today.

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