Custom & Promotional Animal Stress Shapes

Stress animals include soft squeezable molded foam items made into the shapes of your favourite pets, mammals, and livestock.  All of these stress items are made from the best quality foam we can source and they can be custom printed with your own logo or design.

Our cuddly custom-printed stress animals make a great gift for animal-based businesses or organisations.  With loads of bright vivid colours that we have used in creating these detailed items, these products can also be printed with your logo or text details.  Choose from a huge assortment of everyday animals which most humans have some interaction with.  All of our animal shapes are made from top-quality closed-cell polyurethane foam rubber.  This means greater shelf life, durability, and dependability of your logo being displayed. Animal and mascot shapes are great for shops, organisations, zoos and more.

The Boost pricing model also incorporates print costs already built into your quotation, so there is no confusion.  For samples please contact one of our account managers today.

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