Visors & Golf Hats

Promotional Visors & Golf Hats are essential gear for those long, sun-soaked days on the golf course. With their distinctive longer peak at the front, they offer optimal protection from the glaring sun. Available in a vast array of colors, these versatile hats cater to individuals of all ages. Crafted from a variety of fabrics, the primary focus is on shading the wearer’s face, ensuring comfort and functionality.

Unlike traditional hats, golf visors boast an open design, omitting the top for enhanced breath ability—especially crucial during scorching weather conditions. This thoughtful construction allows wearers to stay cool and comfortable while focusing on their game.

Promotional golf visors present an excellent opportunity for businesses to extend their brand reach through custom-printed logos adorning these stylish hats. In Australia’s hot and arid climate, keeping the sun at bay for your clients is paramount. By imprinting your company name or logo on our custom visors, you not only offer practical sun protection but also effortlessly promote your brand.

Our range of custom visors spans from cotton to mesh, ensuring there’s a style to suit every preference. Thanks to their breathable and flexible design, these promotional hats outshine conventional caps and hats. They’re a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts for their weight-saving benefits and comfort.

Moreover, these visors aren’t just for the golf course. They’re the perfect accessory for employees to sport during various company events, including trade shows, sports outings, picnics, and more. Not only do they provide practical shade, but they also lend a touch of professionalism and unity to any occasion.

Additionally, when it comes to sports like golf, these visors excel at keeping the sun’s glare directly out of your eyes, allowing for optimal performance and focus. Whether you’re hitting the links or enjoying a day in the sun, our custom-printed visors ensure you do so in style and comfort while proudly showcasing your brand.


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