Umbrellas are a traditional device that has a circular canopy, which is designed to keep a person dry from the rain or protect from harsh sunny conditions.  Promotional umbrellas can incorporated bight vivid logos imprinted into the fabric of these fashion items.   It is possible to print just one or several of the “rids” on these products to publish your logo to a very large audience.

In the Australian climate that we live in many businesses use custom printed sunshades to provide shade for their clients. But not all parasols are designed to withstand the harsh Australian seasons. Many customisable golf umbrellas for example require the user to immediately close or collect the umbrellas when a storm brews. It has to be closed in time otherwise the umbrella can become a dangerous items during a major storm. This can also be a hazard to the person that is using them and also the people in their vicinity. Boost has taken their time ensuring all of our Promo Umbrellas pass rigorous testing for tough climatic conditions. Many of our carefully selected umbrellas are also vented to ensure maximum strength.

Choose from a wide range of printing techniques including the lastest screen printing, sublimation print and digital transfer.  Depending on our budget brand one or more panels.  For rich complex logos with lots of colour, graduation and fie detail, consider a sublimation or full-colour digital print.  This option gives you the ability to really brand your great looking logo onto a high-quality fashionable item.  The logo will also last the lifetime of the umbrella.

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