Ipswich Dual Flash Drive – 8GB

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Price Includes A Full Colour Print – Refer To Template


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The Ipswich Flash Drive is the perfect solution for your data storage needs! With its classic metal swivel and soft-touch rubber lacquered case, this flash drive is both stylish and practical. With 8GB of memory, you can store all your important files, documents, photos, and videos without having to worry about running out of space.

This flash drive features a USB 2.0 interface on one side and a USB-C interface on the other, allowing you to transfer data from multiple devices with ease. With a max read speed of 10MB/s and a max write speed of 3MB/s, you can quickly upload and access your files without any delay.

Choose from a range of eye-catching colors for the case and swivel, including white, yellow, orange, red, bright green, dark green, light blue, dark blue, purple, and black. You can even customize your Ipswich Flash Drive with your logo or design using pad print, laser engraving, or direct digital branding options.

Compact and lightweight with dimensions of L 65mm x W 20mm x 11mm, the Ipswich Flash Drive is the perfect portable storage solution for students, professionals, and anyone on the go. Don’t miss out on this must-have accessory – order your Ipswich Flash Drive today and experience the convenience and reliability of modern data storage technology!

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Case: Black ; Swivel: Black, Case: Black ; Swivel: Bright Green, Case: Black ; Swivel: Dark Blue, Case: Black ; Swivel: Dark Green, Case: Black ; Swivel: Light Blue, Case: Black ; Swivel: Orange, Case: Black ; Swivel: Purple, Case: Black ; Swivel: Red, Case: Black ; Swivel: Silver, Case: Black ; Swivel: Teal, Case: Black ; Swivel: White, Case: Black ; Swivel: Yellow, Case: Bright Green ; Swivel: Black, Case: Bright Green ; Swivel: Bright Green, Case: Bright Green ; Swivel: Dark Blue, Case: Bright Green ; Swivel: Dark Green, Case: Bright Green ; Swivel: Light Blue, Case: Bright Green ; Swivel: Orange, Case: Bright Green ; Swivel: Purple, Case: Bright Green ; Swivel: Red, Case: Bright Green ; Swivel: Silver, Case: Bright Green ; Swivel: Teal, Case: Bright Green ; Swivel: White, Case: Bright Green ; Swivel: Yellow, Case: Dark Blue ; Swivel: Black, Case: Dark Blue ; Swivel: Bright Green, Case: Dark Blue ; Swivel: Dark Blue, Case: Dark Blue ; Swivel: Dark Green, Case: Dark Blue ; Swivel: Light Blue, Case: Dark Blue ; Swivel: Orange, Case: Dark Blue ; Swivel: Purple, Case: Dark Blue ; Swivel: Red, Case: Dark Blue ; Swivel: Silver, Case: Dark Blue ; Swivel: Teal, Case: Dark Blue ; Swivel: White, Case: Dark Blue ; Swivel: Yellow, Case: Dark Green ; Swivel: Black, Case: Dark Green ; Swivel: Bright Green, Case: Dark Green ; Swivel: Dark Blue, Case: Dark Green ; Swivel: Dark Green, Case: Dark Green ; Swivel: Light Blue, Case: Dark Green ; Swivel: Orange, Case: Dark Green ; Swivel: Purple, Case: Dark Green ; Swivel: Red, Case: Dark Green ; Swivel: Silver, Case: Dark Green ; Swivel: Teal, Case: Dark Green ; Swivel: Yellow, Case: Light Blue ; Swivel: Black, Case: Light Blue ; Swivel: Bright Green, Case: Light Blue ; Swivel: Dark Blue, Case: Light Blue ; Swivel: Dark Green, Case: Light Blue ; Swivel: Light Blue, Case: Light Blue ; Swivel: Orange, Case: Light Blue ; Swivel: Purple, Case: Light Blue ; Swivel: Red, Case: Light Blue ; Swivel: Silver, Case: Light Blue ; Swivel: Teal, Case: Light Blue ; Swivel: White, Case: Light Blue ; Swivel: Yellow, Case: Orange ; Swivel: Black, Case: Orange ; Swivel: Bright Green, Case: Orange ; Swivel: Dark Blue, Case: Orange ; Swivel: Dark Green, Case: Orange ; Swivel: Light Blue, Case: Orange ; Swivel: Orange, Case: Orange ; Swivel: Purple, Case: Orange ; Swivel: Red, Case: Orange ; Swivel: Silver, Case: Orange ; Swivel: Teal, Case: Orange ; Swivel: White, Case: Orange ; Swivel: Yellow, Case: Purple ; Swivel: Black, Case: Purple ; Swivel: Bright Green, Case: Purple ; Swivel: Dark Blue, Case: Purple ; Swivel: Dark Green, Case: Purple ; Swivel: Light Blue, Case: Purple ; Swivel: Orange, Case: Purple ; Swivel: Purple, Case: Purple ; Swivel: Red, Case: Purple ; Swivel: Silver, Case: Purple ; Swivel: Teal, Case: Purple ; Swivel: White, Case: Purple ; Swivel: Yellow, Case: Red ; Swivel: Black, Case: Red ; Swivel: Bright Green, Case: Red ; Swivel: Dark Blue, Case: Red ; Swivel: Dark Green, Case: Red ; Swivel: Light Blue, Case: Red ; Swivel: Orange, Case: Red ; Swivel: Purple, Case: Red ; Swivel: Red, Case: Red ; Swivel: Silver, Case: Red ; Swivel: Teal, Case: Red ; Swivel: White, Case: Red ; Swivel: Yellow, Case: White ; Swivel: Black, Case: White ; Swivel: Bright Green, Case: White ; Swivel: Dark Blue, Case: White ; Swivel: Dark Green, Case: White ; Swivel: Light Blue, Case: White ; Swivel: Orange, Case: White ; Swivel: Purple, Case: White ; Swivel: Red, Case: White ; Swivel: Silver, Case: White ; Swivel: Teal, Case: White ; Swivel: White, Case: White ; Swivel: Yellow, Case: Yellow ; Swivel: Black, Case: Yellow ; Swivel: Bright Green, Case: Yellow ; Swivel: Dark Blue, Case: Yellow ; Swivel: Dark Green, Case: Yellow ; Swivel: Light Blue, Case: Yellow ; Swivel: Orange, Case: Yellow ; Swivel: Silver, Case: Yellow ; Swivel: White, Case: Yellow ; Swivel: Yellow, Case:Yellow ; Swivel: Purple, Case:Yellow ; Swivel: Red, Case:Yellow ; Swivel: Teal

Decoration Options

Direct Digital, Laser Engraving, Pad Print


L 65mm x W 20mm x 11mm.


25-49, 50-99, 100-249, 250-499, 500-999, 1000-2499

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