Product Sourcing | Indent & Bulk Orders For Your Custom Merchandise

What is Promotional Products Sourcing & Indent?

In the promotions industry we have two types of ordering.  The fist is “local stock” and this means we provide you with an in stock item or off the shelf product located in Australia or New Zealand.  The second is sourcing or indent, where products or items you are looking for a sourced from overseas factories.  The whitepaper below outlines this process with Boost.

Indent promotional products refer to a type of ordering process where a company or business places an order for custom-branded items with a trusted establishment like Boost Promotional Products, but the order is not shipped until a specific date in the future. This allows the company to plan ahead and ensure they have the products they need at the right time, without having to hold excess inventory. Indent orders can be useful for companies that need to order large quantities of products, such as for a trade show or event, and want to spread the cost out over a longer period.

When placing an indent order, it is important to note that there may be longer lead times and higher minimum order quantities compared to a standard order. It’s also important to confirm the supplier’s payment and shipping terms, as well as any additional fees, such as for artwork or tooling.


Product sourcing is all about you getting the right promotional products delivered-on time and within your budget direct from our overseas factories.  We deliver hundreds of indent orders each year and we work with dozens of leading factories from China, Vietnam and India.  Boost prides itself on a rigorous screening process to ensure the optimal production partner networks which have been forged over many years of vigorous testing.  As a company we are highly dedicated to scouring all of our products responsibly and ethically.  This means we against modern slavery and have put careful steps in place to combat this process.   With over 15 years’ experience in this specialty field we have sourced over ten thousand products and hundreds of satisfied clients.  With one of the largest range of suppliers in our pre-qualified database our current saving on many items incur possible savings of 20-40% year in year out!  If you have the time (4-6 weeks air freight, 10-12 via sea freight) we have unbeatable cost saving for you and it’s that simple!  For more information on what products can be shipped with air or sea freight contact us today.

Our Process

The more information you can provide Boost the better.  If you have a product or item that you are looking to source, where do you start?  This can be a very manual process with a lot of companies, but with Boost we streamline this process to make it easy.  Many people often choose to online search or email request multiple suppliers at once.  Sometimes people source off catalogues which can be a tiresome process.  Boost separates itself from the rest of the marketplace by being a “one stop shop” for all overseas sourcing inquiries.  We take on small to medium sized projects all the way up to complex job with multiple products ordered at one time.  Below is an outline of our sourcing process:

  1. You provide the information:  the more information you can provide on the product/s you are looking for the better.
  • You may to choose to provide a physical sample of the item you are looking for, web link for the item you are looking to purchase, an image and/or general description. With the description it’s important to include vital information such as: materials used in construction, sizes, color, features and decoration requirements.
  1. We clarify your needs
  • We then ask further queries on budget, quality and time frames. Quality is an interesting variable and sometimes depends on budget.  We can walk you thought this during our process.
  1. We choose the factory:  with over 15 years’ experience we work with dozens of the best leading factories in Asia.
  • Choosing the right factory with the right products is secret to our success a process which we have refined for over many years.  Also, in many cased we choose multiple factories to quote on the same job ensuring the best possible pricing for our clients.
  • Boost uses a rigorous screening process to ensure the right production partner
  • Screening is based on quality required, capacity and certification.
  • We use a multiple concurrent sampling process to save you time and money
  • Factory auditing is part of vetting process
  1. Samples – we start with product images to match your items with ours. Using the concurrent multiple sample method, you can choose from a range of samples based on your print requirements, material, size and color.
  2. Order approval: once you choose on a product and print requirements, we place your order into production.  Depending on what type of product/you are potentially ordering we suggest lead in time frames.  With products that have a low weight and volume, these items can sometimes be air frighted into Australia.  The lead in times for this can vary, but generally speaking you are looking at 4-6 weeks lead in time.  For bulker items, we tend to always “sea fright” these orders into Australia.  The overall cost for air freighting these items can be somewhat surprising, via sea is slower but the cost savings are obvious.  The sea freight process is normally 10-12 weeks depending on the origin of manufacturing.
  • We manage and monitor production and lead in time frames: on ground production monitoring and real time updates.
  1. Delivery of goods into Australia
  • Boost organises all customs clearance and delivers your goods direct to your location/s (multi-port options available) We adhere to strict Australian standards certification standards including ISO 9001 and BSI Certified Products.
  1. Optional Add on Services
  • Options for additional Overseas services include Pre-labelling, product consolidation, multi region delivery, traceable freight, supply chain solutions, customs documentation management.
  • Options for local services include pick and pack service, local logistic services for the storage of your indent orders.

Advantages of Offshore Ordering with Boost

Creating Something Unique –  Working on personalised boutique projects often requires custom making products that are specifically matched to targeted marketing campaigns.  With low minimum order quantities Boost can assist in the creation of this type of project.  One of the main reasons anyone goes offshore is customisation in the first place.  For more information on this service simply contact our office today.

Customisation – if you have larger runs (orders over 500 units) and adequate lead in times (options for sea and air freight) we can normally custom make a huge suite of products for you.   We can tailor shapes, sizes, colors and branding all with Boost, Australia’s premium offshore specialist since 2005.

Cost – save 30-40 %, now that’s a huge cost saving!

For more information simply fill in the form below, one of our customer service agents will call or email you with a reply within 2-3 hours.  If you have the time we have the savings for you with custom indent – Boost