Trends in Promotional Product Advertising

The world of advertising is ever-changing, and there’s no better place to spot the trends than at Boost Promotional Products. In this article, we’ll dive into the latest waves and fashions in promotional product advertising, catching a glimpse of what makes Aussie businesses stand out. Let’s go on a wild ride through creativity and innovation.

The Rise of Eco-Friendly Products

These days, everyone’s going green. And no, not with envy. With a push from the Australian Government, businesses are embracing eco-friendly promotional products like never before. Check out our Eco-friendly Promotional Products page for more on this trend. It’s good for the planet and good for your brand.

Tech Gadgets and Gizmos 

Technology is sweeping across Australia, and promotional tech gadgets are leading the charge. From USBs to wireless chargers, brands are finding ways to connect with consumers.

Personalisation- Make It Yours 

People love stuff with their name on it. Personalised products are booming, and businesses are seeing massive engagement. Need ideas? Browse our Personalised Products page for inspiration.

The Health & Wellness Wave 

With wellness in the spotlight, companies are promoting health and happiness with items like water bottles and yoga mats. Learn more on the Health & Wellness Products page. It’s a trend backed by the Australian Health Department.

The Classic Never Dies 

The timeless items like hats, pens, and mugs are still going strong. Don’t believe me? Check out our Classic Promotional Products.

Virtual Reality (VR) Experiences 

Virtual Reality is no longer just in the realm of sci-fi movies. Promotional VR experiences are offering a taste of the future to clients. From virtual product tours to 3D brand showcases, VR is creating a buzz that’s real. Get to know more about this fantastic tech from the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

Social Media Tie-ins 

Social media is where the people are, so brands are linking promotional products to popular platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Offering branded hashtags and filters creates an interactive experience that promotes sharing and engagement. Our Social Media Products page is filled with fresh ideas.

Adventure Gear for the Outdoor Enthusiast 

Aussies love the great outdoors, and promotional adventure gear like branded camping tools or hiking equipment are hitting the mark. Think of waterproof bags, picnic sets, and even pocket knives – all bearing your logo.

DIY Kits for the Creative Souls 

Fostering creativity is a fantastic way to connect with your audience. Offering DIY kits like painting sets, gardening packs, or cooking kits encourages creativity and gives a personal touch to your brand promotion.

Unique and Creative Packaging

One way to make your promotional products stand out even more? Unique packaging. It’s not just about the item inside but how it’s presented. Creative, beautiful, and even eco-friendly packaging can leave a lasting impression. Imagine a seed-infused packet that sprouts when planted or a reusable tote. Now that’s how you make an entrance! Check out Sustainable Packaging Guidelines for eco-friendly packaging ideas.

Interactive Products – Beyond the Ordinary 

People love stuff they can play with or engage with. Think fidget spinners, pop sockets, or items with augmented reality features. These are not just cool swags; they offer an experience. It’s about creating a deeper, more memorable brand connection. Learn more about interactive marketing from Australian Interactive Media Industry Association.

Health and Wellness Goodies 

Given the times we live in, health has become a priority for many. Brands are aligning with this shift by offering wellness promotional products – think sanitizers, fitness bands, and even branded face masks. It sends a message: “We care about your well-being.” More about health and safety regulations can be found at Australian Government Department of Health.

Themed Collections 

Instead of just one product, why not a whole themed collection? Like a summer beach kit with a towel, sunscreen, and flip-flops or a work-from-home kit with a notebook, pen, and a coffee mug. Collections offer an all-around brand experience. Dive into the sea of Boost’s collection kits for a wholesome promotional experience.

Pop Culture and Collaboration 

From movie-themed merchandise to celebrity-endorsed products, leveraging pop culture is a fun way to align your brand with what’s hot in entertainment. Collaborations can create buzz and excitement, bringing freshness to your brand.

Multi-Function Items

 Why have a product that does one thing when it can do two or three? Think about a pen that’s also a stylus and a torch or a water bottle that comes with a storage compartment. Multi-function items offer more value, and who doesn’t like a bit of extra utility? Discover multi-talented goods at Boost’s multi-function range.

Artistic Collaborations 

Brands are collaborating with artists to create exclusive, limited-edition promotional items. This not only supports local talent but also offers consumers a piece of art. From beautifully illustrated tote bags to custom-painted mugs, art and promotions go hand in hand. For artist collaborations, see what Australia Council for the Arts has to say. 

Cultural Relevance 

Brands are connecting with audiences by celebrating local culture and festivals. Be it a promotional item for Australia Day, or celebrating cultural diversity, it shows inclusivity and appeals to a broader audience. Stay in touch with the local culture through the Australian Government’s cultural page.


Promotional products are more than just giveaways; they’re a means to engage and resonate with your audience. And who does it better than Boost Promotional Products? Don’t miss out on these hot trends. Get in touch with our agency, and let’s boost your brand together.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: What are promotional products?

Promotional products are branded items given away to promote a company, brand, or event.

Q2: Why are eco-friendly promotional items trending?

With increasing environmental awareness, brands wish to project a responsible image.

Q3: How effective are promotional products in advertising?

They are highly effective for brand recall and engagement. Studies show that customers remember brands better if they have a tangible promotional product from them.

Q4: Can I customise the design on promotional products?

Yes, companies like Boost offer customisation options to reflect your brand uniquely.

Q5: Why are wearables popular as promotional items?

They offer visibility to the brand each time they are worn.

Q6: How do tech gadgets fare as promotional items?

They are trendy, practical, and loved by the modern audience, making them effective promotional tools.

Q7: What are the costs involved in getting promotional products?

Costs vary based on product type and quantity. Check out Boost’s range for more details.