Stick Umbrellas

Custom branded stick umbrellas are an effective promotional tool utilised by businesses and organisations for advertising and marketing purposes. These umbrellas typically display a company’s logo, slogan, or other branding information printed on the canopy, making them a practical and visible method of enhancing brand recognition.

Stick umbrellas are known for their long, straight handles, contrasting with folding or collapsible varieties. They are generally larger and more robust, providing superior protection against rain and sun. This sturdiness and size contribute to their practicality, ensuring frequent use and consistent visibility for the brand message – we offer decoration on one or multiple panels on our entire umbrella range. By offering a product that recipients will use regularly, companies can keep their brand in the public eye.

Promotional stick umbrellas are often distributed as gifts or prizes at trade shows, conferences, and various other events. They can also be incorporated into larger marketing campaigns or sold as branded merchandise in retail stores. The main objective of using these marketing items is to boost brand recognition and visibility while offering a functional product that customers or clients will find useful. This dual purpose of practicality and promotion makes branded umbrellas an attractive option for marketers looking to maximize their outreach.

Furthermore, the customisation options for stick umbrellas are extensive, allowing businesses to align the design with their brand identity. Companies can choose from a range of colors, imprint their logos on multiple panels, and even opt for additional features like UV protection or wind-resistant frames. This customisation ensures that the umbrellas not only serve as a functional item but also as a consistent and impactful marketing tool.

Overall, custom branded stick umbrellas are a practical and effective marketing solution. Their utility and visibility ensure that the brand is consistently promoted every time the umbrella is used, making it a lasting promotional item. By providing a high-quality, practical product, businesses can enhance their brand image, foster positive associations, and maintain a presence in the daily lives of their customers or clients. This strategic use of branded stick umbrellas can lead to increased brand loyalty and new business opportunities.


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