Blunt Umbrellas

We sell custom branded blunt umbrellas, which are highly engineered customised umbrellas used by businesses or organisations as promotional items. Blunt umbrellas is a renowned brand known for its durability and stylish designs. Made in Aoteara New Zealand, these items offer a world wide two year warranty.  When used for marketing purposes, these umbrellas are often customised with a company’s logo, brand name, or message, making them an effective tool for increasing brand visibility and recognition.

These umbrellas can be employed in various marketing campaigns, events, or giveaways, serving as functional items that provide protection against rain or sunlight while promoting a brand. By distributing branded umbrellas, businesses can boost their visibility, create brand awareness, and leave a lasting impression on recipients. Their practical utility ensures they are frequently used, keeping the brand in constant view of the public.

Blunt umbrellas are typically made from premium materials such as polyester or nylon and feature strong frames with wind-resistant designs. They are particularly known for their innovative technology, including the patented Radial Tensioning System, which enhances durability and makes them highly resistant to strong winds. This superior build quality ensures that the umbrellas can withstand harsh weather conditions, reflecting positively on the brand they represent.

When ordering custom printed Blunt umbrellas, businesses have a wide range of customisation options. They can choose the umbrella color, add their logo or artwork on one or multiple panels, and even personalize the umbrellas with individual names or messages. This level of customization allows businesses to align the promotional items with their brand identity, creating unique and memorable gifts for customers or employees.

In summary, branded Blunt umbrellas are practical, functional, and effective marketing tools. By associating their brand with a high-quality umbrella, businesses can enhance their reputation and increase brand visibility in a stylish and practical manner. This combination of functionality and branding ensures that the promotional items are not only used frequently but also serve as constant reminders of the business.

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