Custom & Promotional Mouse Mats

Mouse mats are flexible rubberised surfaces designed to be used in conjunction with a computer mouse.  The mouse is placed onto the surface to provide better tracking of the ball or in most modern cases “infra-red” tracking.  This promo item gives you a much more stable environment for your cursor on your computer screen.  Our promotional mouse mats are very unique.  They can give you an edge to edge branding for your logo and designs and come in a variety of thicknesses.

We offer a large assortment of sizes and shapes.  Thicknesses start at just 1mm and travel all the way up, some are even supplied with extra cushioning for added hand support.  One of the major benefits of our items is we have in-stock supplies of this item, meaning we can quickly print and dispatch for your next marketing campaign.  Our digital print surface mats are well suited to any computer working environment.  They offer bight vivid branding areas to print logos your messages.   We can even achieve photo quality finishes on these products.  Brand your mats today with Boost!