Stress Toys

Boost specialises in providing businesses, companies, and organisations with customisable stress toys designed to alleviate tension and promote relaxation. Our diverse selection includes soft and malleable stress shapes in an array of funky designs, offering a playful yet practical solution for stress relief. These custom-printed stress toys are typically made of soft, pliable foam, with diameters ranging from 5 to 10 cm, making them perfect for squeezing or manipulating to ease muscle tension and stress.

Explore Boost’s extensive range of branded stress toys, all of which can be personalised with your company name or logo. We believe these stress-relief items make ideal gifts for employees, offering them a tangible reminder to take breaks and unwind amidst their busy workdays. It’s worth noting that our stress shapes are crafted from high-quality closed-cell polyurethane foam rubber, ensuring durability and slow release, making them the premium choice in the Australian market. They are frequently used in physical therapy to strengthen muscles and promote relaxation in the arms and hands.

Contrary to their name, not all stress shapes are mundane spheres. Our collection boasts a wide variety of amusing shapes, styles, and patterns, adding a touch of fun to stress relief. Whether you prefer whimsical designs or classic shapes, all our stress balls can be branded with your logo, instantly elevating your workplace environment. Don’t hesitate to order now and safeguard your employees from common workplace injuries like repetitive strain injuries (RSI) and carpal tunnel syndrome, ensuring a healthier and happier workforce.

For your next relaxed promotion or wellness initiative, reach out to our friendly staff at Boost today. We’re committed to helping you find the perfect stress-relief solution tailored to your brand and promotional goals. Whether you’re in the medical or healthcare industry or simply seeking to enhance workplace well-being, our customizable stress toys are a valuable addition to your promotional toolkit. With our focus on quality, customisation, and customer satisfaction, Boost is your trusted partner for all your branded merchandise needs.

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