Notebooks are generally smaller books or binders containing pages.  Most of these items have ruled lines for writing notes.  These type of pads can also be used for art, memorandums, drawing and scrapbooking.  Promotional Notebooks can be decorated with your custom designs & prints including logos and/or text names.

Choose from our fresh range of custom printed promotional journals.  Binders are also similar to notepads or writing pads.  Paper pages are bound and often ruled and used for purposes such as recording notes, writing and drawing.  Our notebooks typically include a hard textured outside surface to protect all of the pages on the inside.  The ridged outside cover is useful in day to day activities, providing protection for your information on the inside.  In our range, we have included spiral-bound notebooks as well as more traditional sewn and glued in pages.  Other handy features include ribbon markers, pens, pockets and packaging options.  The uses for notebooks are endless.  They are an extremely handy tool to have in any office or business environment and with our custom print options, we can make any notebook look fantastic!

All of our notebooks are able to be custom branded with your name or logo.  Choose from a wide range of print options including screen print, engraving or direct digital.  Our new range includes a huge range of colours and sizes.  Great for conferences, businesses, companies, organisations, universities, schools, retail shops and many other types of establishments brand your logo today on one of our 21st-century promotional items.

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