ID Badges

ID badges, commonly referred to as card holders, play a crucial role in the secure and efficient management of credentials for individuals at various events. These badges are essential for facilitating easy scanning or swiping of security cards, ensuring that personnel can gain access to designated areas swiftly and without hassle. Available in a diverse range of colors, sizes, and with various attachments, these ID Badges are tailored to meet the specific needs of any event. Attachments can include swivel hooks for easy rotation, card clamps that secure cards firmly, keyring fittings for additional functionality, snap clip closures for quick access, and vinyl clips for a secure yet lightweight hold.

At Boost, we offer customisation services for conference and meeting card holders or plain undecorated ID Badges. We provide the option to custom brand these card holders inserts with any logo or text design, which can be printed directly onto the inserts that slide into the holders. This feature not only enhances the professional appearance of the ID badges but also serves as a marketing tool, extending brand visibility each time the badge is displayed. Whether for small internal meetings or large-scale conferences, our branded card holders ensure that your organisation’s image is consistently presented in a professional manner.

Our product range at Boost is designed to cater to every possible need and preference when it comes to ID Badges. From sleek, slimline nylon holders ideal for business environments to robust, metal holders designed for durability, our offerings ensure there’s something for everyone. For those requiring extra storage, we offer large holders capable of carrying additional business cards, while our security-focused cases provide added protection for sensitive information. Furthermore, our duo business card holders feature compartments for multiple users or functions, making them incredibly versatile.

We also take pride in the aesthetic and practical aspects of our ID Badge card holders. Opting for a card holder encased in a fine leather case can significantly enhance one’s professional image, making a strong impression during high-stake interactions at conferences or meetings. Additionally, for offices, our desktop business card holder collection offers a stylish and practical way to display contact information. Please note that our card holders are available for purchase only following an initial order of printed lanyards. This policy ensures a cohesive branding approach and simplifies the ordering process for our clients. For more information or to place your order, contact the dedicated team at Boost Promotional Products Pty Ltd.

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