Custom Promotional Event Lanyards

Event lanyards are braided cords or woven straps worn around the neck, wrist, or shoulder.  Typically they are used to carry card holders or I.D cards at events or conferences.  The material manufacturing includes nylon, polyester, satin, silk, PET, leather, and other types of braided material.  The most common types of events lanyards in our range are polyester, nylon, tube, and dye-sublimated ( printed in full colour on the entire length of the item).  Promotional event lanyards can be printed with any type of logo or design.  Print one or multiple logos on the entire length of the item.

Which promotional event Lanyards Do I Choose?  If you have specific lead-in times that require immediate or urgent delivery we suggest you use a plain lanyard.  We keep stock of all colours and attachment options for these types of customisable lanyards and also a wide variety of attachments also.  Attachments for these lanyards include alligator clips, double alligator clips, breakaway clips, swivel hooks, double swivel hooks, and other fittings which are available on special order. If you have a logo with a common message such as your business name etc, you might consider a customised lanyard, with text or logos which can be screen printed.

Our quality lanyards are made from high-quality ribbed polyester and can be printed in a one or full-colour print.   If you have a complicated full-colour logo or images with very fine detail, please look at our dye-sublimated lanyards.  The amazing level of fine detail will showcase your logo or event design.  Incredibly complex graphics and logos can be easily printed on your meeting lanyards.  Even text sizes that are very small can be added, which are not available on other types of lanyards. All of our high-quality lanyards use a unique medium-class weight fabric with a feel that simulates suede.  All our fabrics are very durable and will not crack or peel and come with a logo quality guarantee.

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