PVC Keyrings

A PVC keyring is a type of chain with a plastic badge made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is the world’s third most widely produced synthetic material. This material is highly versatile, making it ideal for creating custom-made shapes. With PVC keyrings, moulds can be crafted to produce virtually any type of object, which can then be transformed into high-quality key chains. These promotional PVC keyrings can be fully customised with your preferred shapes, logos, and text designs, allowing for a high degree of personalisation. While we offer a standard range of sizes, colors, and shapes, you can also design and create any shape you desire.

Keyrings offer a memorable type of promotional merchandise. They provide an effective way to expand your brand’s presence by attaching these items to bags, keys, and other accessories. At Boost, we offer flexible PVC rubber keyrings that can be manufactured in custom shapes, with the option of a 2D or 3D image on both sides. Our unique pricing includes up to four PVC colors (with additional colors available for just $0.06 per color). A production lead time of 20-25 working days applies to this product by air freight, and larger orders can be sea freighted upon request to reduce shipping costs. Colors can be produced in almost any spot color. Some of our standard sizes include 50mm x 90mm, 60mm x 70mm, 60mm x 90mm, 70mm x 70mm, and 70mm x 90mm.

Keyrings have stood the test of time as basic yet functional items for everyday life. Their practicality ensures that they are frequently used, providing continuous exposure for your brand or business message. By placing your brand or business message on a PVC keyring, you ensure that it will be seen regularly, reinforcing brand recognition and recall among users. The ability to create custom shapes and designs means that your keyring can be as unique as your brand, making it a standout piece of promotional merchandise.

Promotional PVC keyrings are not only practical but also highly effective marketing tools. Their durability and customization options make them ideal for a wide range of promotional campaigns. Whether you are looking to promote a new product, celebrate an event, or simply increase brand visibility, PVC keyrings offer a cost-effective and impactful solution. With Boost’s expertise and commitment to quality, you can create a keyring that perfectly represents your brand and resonates with your target audience.

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