School Hats

Boost is excited to offer a premium selection of school hats, perfectly customisable to feature your school’s unique logo and emblem designs. We take pride in our extensive collection, which includes SPF-certified promotional hats, ensuring exceptional sun protection throughout the year. Making your school’s hats distinctive and personalized has never been more straightforward with Boost.

To get started, simply choose your preferred hat style from our collection, select a decoration method, provide us with your logo, specify the logo placement, and we’ll handle the printing and delivery straight to your location anywhere in Australia.

Custom-printed school hats is more than just a practical necessity in Australia—it’s a cultural imperative. Observing the widespread “no hat, no play” policy in many daycare centers underscores the importance of sun safety in educational environments. By branding your school’s hats with Boost, you not only comply with these vital sun-safe practices but also enhance your school’s identity across approximately 3,500 childcare and educational institutions nationwide.

Explore Our Diverse Range of School Hat Styles:

  • School Bucket Hats: Exceptionally popular among younger children in daycare and primary schools, these hats feature a wide brim and are available in a variety of colors, making them a favorite choice for both protection and style.
  • School Sun Hats: Commonly used across primary and secondary schools, these wider brim hats offer excellent sun protection. They are available in several colors and are made from high SPF-rated and fade-resistant materials. The larger front panel provides ample space for a prominent display of your school crest or logo.
  • School Legionnaires Hats: Designed with extended side and back flaps, these hats provide enhanced sun protection, ideal for maintaining sun safety standards at the highest levels.
  • School Sports Caps: Perfect for outdoor activities and sports, these caps are designed to protect children from the sun while being stylish and practical for students of all ages.
  • Private School Hats: For those seeking something a bit more exclusive, we offer hats made from premium materials. Please contact Boost for more details on these upscale options.

Customisation Options:

When it comes to branding, the possibilities are endless at Boost. We offer a wide array of branding techniques tailored to meet your needs:

  • Embroidery
  • Supercolour Print/Transfer
  • Supercolour Metallic
  • Supersub
  • Supertech
  • Superflex

Each method offers unique benefits, from the durability of embroidery to the high-tech appeal of Supertech. For more details on these branding options and to find out which one best suits your school’s needs, feel free to contact us today. Elevate your school’s profile with custom school hats that protects and promotes.

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