Stubby Holders

Custom and personalised stubby holders and coolers are designed to keep your favorite beverage cool in hot, dry weather, making them an essential accessory for outdoor events, parties, and gatherings. These practical items are typically made from various materials, with neoprene being one of the most popular due to its excellent thermal properties. Neoprene is renowned for its ability to insulate, ensuring that your drink remains refreshingly cold even in the warmest conditions. At Boost, we offer a range of neoprene coolers in different thicknesses, from a thin 8mm up to a more insulating 10mm. The thicker the material, the better the insulation, allowing you to choose a product that fits your budget and cooling needs.

Our promotional stubby holders and coolers can be fully customised with your logos and designs, providing an excellent opportunity to enhance your brand’s visibility. Whether you prefer a simple one-color wrap print or a full-color, photo-quality image, we can accommodate your needs. This level of customisation ensures that your promotional items are not only functional but also visually appealing, making a lasting impression on your audience. The ability to add personal touches makes these coolers perfect for corporate giveaways, sports events, clubs, and personalized gifts.

If you are looking for bright and vivid custom printed promotional beer holder ideas, Boost Promotional Products has a wide array of options to suit your needs. Our range of colorful coolers, made from 5mm neoprene rubber, can be tailored with various custom options, including bases and glued and taped seams for added durability. In addition to our budget-friendly range, we offer full-color sublimation prints that wrap around the entire cooler, providing a striking and professional look. This versatility allows you to promote your logo, sport, club, or create a fun, unique design with the help of our talented graphics team.

At Boost, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality custom products promptly and efficiently. Contact one of our friendly staff members today to discuss your requirements and get started on creating your perfect promotional stubby holders and coolers. We offer fast turnaround times, printing, and delivery directly to you in just 8-10 days, with expedited options available if needed. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures that you receive a product that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, helping you to enhance your brand and keep your beverages cool in style.

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